Concrete Mix Proportions

Concrete Mix Proportions

When mixing concrete, the proportions that you use will dictate the strength, yield, viscosity of the finished product. Cement powder is added to aggregates in a ratio and then water is added as the catalyst to begin the chemical reaction that will solidify these ingredients together to become the single most versatile and commonly used construction material on the planet - concrete.

Similar conceptually to baking, the proportions that you use in your concrete mix will have a dramatic impact of the characteristics and consistency of the finished product. Once you have an advanced working knowledge of concrete mix proportions you can adjust your mix to meet any criteria. Most commonly this would be done to adjust the strength of the concrete for various applications or to make a high yield and low cost concrete mix.

Concrete Mix Design

The type of concrete mix that you use when mixing concrete will depend on the application that you are using it for. In addition to adjusting the ratio of water, aggregates and cement powder, you can also ad "admixtures" which are ingredients that you add to your concrete mix to give it, or enhance, specific properties.

This can allow you to mix concrete for cold weather applications, or speed up or slow down the initial set time of the concrete to allow for difficult placement and finishing processes. Here are a list of common concrete additives and the end result concrete application. If you want to custom design a concrete to meet specific properties this can help you to get started:

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